Our Human Resources Approach

In order to ensure that the Holding and Group Companies have an efficient, competitive structure in harmony and continuous development, our primary approach for Human Resources is to create and implement the Human Resources Policies required to convey the experiences and power of the Holding to them.

Our critical approaches;
Unearth our employees’ talent and create talent pools and system that would make sure that they contribute to the company’s goals,
Create a culture of people who are committed to the organization, proud of being a part of this organization even outside the working environment and who express it,
Establish effective career management systems for our employees to the satisfaction of both the employees and the organization,
Create a structure allowing display of leadership in order to have an effective and motivated human force.

We select the right person for the right job….But how?

By finding out the best practices in and out of the organization, spreading them throughout the organization and adapting a Human Resources Management approach in the world standards…
Ata Assessment Center;

  • Personality Tests
  • Professional Tests
  • Foreign Language Tests
  • Competency Determination
  • Competency-based Interviews and Tests
  • Presentation Exercises
  • Group Interviews
  • Internal Appointments
  • In-group Rotation
  • Evaluation

As a result of these evaluations, the competencies, as well as the knowledge and skills of candidates are analyzed and the recruitment is realized. This way the best candidate can take the first step to his/her career at Ata Holding

The road to your Career Goal goes through Ata…..

The career planning process of Ata Holding and Group Companies support the career goals of all our employees who are willing to achieve, who can show their full performance and who are believed to assume more responsibility.

Ata Group provides trainings towards competencies needed by the department for the employees who will be promoted. The group also offers the opportunity of internal appointments and in-group rotations.

The trainings may be provided internal or externally, according to the needs and professional requirements of our employees at all levels. They can be appointed to another position in the same company or have rotations within Ata Group.

You are not alone at Ata Holding…

The new employees at Ata Holding go through an orientation program. Within the scope of this program;• Ata group’s policies, goals and strategies,

  • Ata group’s policies, goals and strategies,
  • The relevant company’s procedures, goals and strategies,
  • Job descriptions and responsibilities,
  • Relevant company’s departments, working environment are introduced.

After this program, the new employee visits all his/her colleagues to introduce them.

Opportunities offered to Ata Group employees…

It is one of our most important values to create an environment where Ata Group employees can express their ideas freely and use their competencies. We respect, evaluate these ideas, and offer a discussion environment about how they can be utilized as an advantage in competition.

● Ata Holding Pay Management; the pays at Ata Holding are arranged once a year according to the market conditions and performances of the employees. When we define the pay levels of our employees, we consider the powers and responsibilities required by the position and apply a fair and equal wage policy.

● We have established a Private Pension system for some of our companies with the contributions of both employees and the employers. We have started to work on applying this system in our other companies, too.

● We have a contemporary Private Health Insurance for the employees of our Holding and Group Companies.