Ekmek Unlu Gıda

The main aim of the establishment of Ekmek Unlu Gıda bakery is to meet the hamburger and sandwich bun as well as biscuit bread, panini bun and pizza dough requirements of the fast food restaurant in Ata Holding Group.
Ekmek Unlu Gıda can be shown as one of the technologically respectable plants in the world. The bakery is totally computer controlled and the newest technologies packaging of the hamburger bun, the production line of the bakery is continuous and without human touch.
The flour is taken directly from the flour silos into the vertical mixers of the bakery in which the sponge technology type of production is made.The oven used in Ekmek Unlu Gıda bakery is a dürect heating type oven. The buns are baked in this oven which all controls are made by computer system.The buns are cooled till the level of packaging temperature and packed without human touch in the packaging machine.
All floors are coated by a suitable material which conforms to hygiene and international standards. The bakery has been equipped with the most sensitive fire fighting, fire alarm and gas alarm systems. Shortly saying, the top level security system is being used in the bakery.
Ekmek Unlu Gıda Bakery stands out in bun production area among the other plants making production in the same area either in Turkey or in the world with is capacity as well as its technology. The CE Certified bakery has also got BRC, HACCP and ISO 9000 certificates in the last months of 2009 and has deserved to got TSE certificate in 2010

Kömürcüoğlu Caddesi Taşocakları Mevkii No: 11 Tavşanlı Köyü Gebze / KOCAELİ

+90 262 724 8855

+90 262 724 9466 / 67


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