İzmir Enternasyonel Otelcilik

İzmir Enternasyonel Otelcilik A.Ş. was founded in October 1987 to build and manage İzmir Hilton Hotel. Becoming the landmark of the Aegean Coast, this hotel is situated right in the heart of İzmir, overlooking the shores of İzmir. It is within the walking distance to business, shopping and entertainment centers. It is the tallest building of the Aegean shores with its 19 floors and 381 rooms. There is a restaurant on the 9th floor and a roof restaurant on the last floor overlooking a magnificent view. In addition to these, there is a snack bar for quick snacking on the entrance floor. Among the other facilities of the hotel, there are sports facilities, spacious meeting and conference halls, a business street, helicopter landing area, a shopping center attached to the hotel and an indoor car park with a capacity of 1000 cars.


Gaziosmanpaşa Bulvarı No:7, K:4/410, Çankaya/İZMİR

+90 (232) 489 9064

+90 (232) 489 9034


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