FASDAT GIDA started its operations with the purpose of providing service to the fast food restaurants only. Thanks to the experience it gained in the supply chain management and its collaboration with significant producers in the sector, it commenced providing logistics service to many fast food companies since their first entry into Turkish market, with its effective planning and sales services. It has completed its investments at 7 different locations and is planning to complete its facilities in Istanbul in the 3rd quarter of 2012. It also plans to reach a capacity of 24.000 pallets with the Istanbul facility to be opened. Fasdat Gıda A.Ş. is controlling its warehouse and vehicle operations by a satellite tracking system. The distance travelled by Fasdat Gıda vehicles in one year equals to 300 times around the world. Besides providing service to the group companies, Fasdat Gıda has also been providing logistics service to other prestigious fast food companies since their first entry into Turkish market. It has ongoing collaborations with Carl’s JR Turkey and Azerbaijan Sbarro.FASDAT GIDA offers food supply service to the tourism and non-residential (Hotel-Restaurant-Cafe) consumer organizations operating in Horeca sector. It has been providing service to tourism facilities (hotel and holiday resorts) operating in Turkey since 1999 and has the necessary licenses to manufacture with its own brand, thanks to its collaboration with the food producers. Fasdat Gıda also produces soft serve ice cream mix with its own brand. 

FASDAT GIDA is one of the first establishments that obtained BRC Storage & Distribution quality system certificate in Turkey in its sector and also has ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certificate. Following the latest technology and making effective use of it, it aims to present the best practices of the supply chain to its sector in the future as it did in the past, thanks to its expert staff and infrastructure.

Besides providing service for group brands such as Burger King and Popeyes, Fasdat Gıda A.Ş is selling fresh-cut products in Horeca market through Fasdat Sebze A.Ş., its % 100 affiliate. The raw materials of the products prepared in this facility are managed by the contracted agricultural applications of Fasdat agricultural group.

Fasdat also assumes the management of the supply chain management of Georgian, Cyprus and Macedonia restaurants of Tab Gıda A.Ş., one of Ata Holding companies. With its experience, it will also contribute to the supply chain management of the operation to be started in China soon.

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