Ata Real Estate Investments Trust

The investment goal of ATA GYO is to create a diversified and high-yielding portfolio consisting of real estate assets and projects.
ATA GYO mainly aims for commercial real estates and projects which can both yield a rental income and have a potential increase of value. Any kind of rentable real estates and in particular retails, offices and logistics are included in this scope. Although it primarily targets commercial real estates, ATA GYO will also invest in other segments of the real estate sector such as housing, depending on the board of directors resolutions.
In creating a portfolio of rental income yielding real estate, the focus will be on retails.
Acquisitions aim for turning the predictions of increase in rents and/or decrease in the rent/cost ratio into benefits. The company will apply a dynamic investment strategy. In this way, it may purchase and sell continuously within the investment period.
Bank branches, electronic store chains and supermarkets rank among the other possible retailer tenants.
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