Fasdat Logistic

Fasdat Gıda A.Ş. has completed new investments for new facilities in seven different locations and is planning to reach 24.000 pallets with the Istanbul facility to be opened. It is controlling its warehouse and vehicle operations by a satellite tracking system. The distance travelled by Fasdat Gıda vehicles in one year equals to 300 times […]

Ata Holding

Ata Group is the owner or the majority shares holder of more than 20 companies operating in various sectors in 7 countries/4 continents.  Our Group provides employment to more than 12,000 employees and has a business volume of around 2.5 billion dollars.

Entegre Harç

Entegre Harç (Integrated Mortar) is a construction material company that targets adding value to the constructions with innovative solutions, makes the lives of the consumers easy with its construction materials, provides solutions to  their needs, creates values for the customers, has a customer focused policy, not a customer centered one, supports social, urban and cultural […]

Burger King

Burger King, another operation of TAB Gıda, was awarded with “The Fastest Growing Country” award in Africa, Europe and Middle East Region and “The Fastest Development” award among 1.500 Burger King Franchisees and also “Perfection at Service” award in the secret customer surveys. Burger King was elected as “2011 Lovemark of Turkey” and “The most […]

Ata Invest

Every year, Ata Invest organizes conferences in New York to bring the American investors together with the leading Turkish companies. Ata Invest’s conference organized for its 20th Anniversary brought together corporate exchange investors from Europe, Asia, North Africa and Gulf Region, as well as the “Private Equity” investors and Turkish executives.

İzmir Hilton

Located in the heart of İzmir, close to International Fair of İzmir, meeting and conference venues and to the shopping and business centers, İzmir Hilton has a spectacular view of the bay and sea. It is only 5 minutes away from business, shopping and entertainment centers and 20 minutes from the airport. This popular building […]

Atatürk Dam

Atatürk Dam is the 6th biggest dam of the world in terms of filling volume. And the Hydro-electrical Plant is the 5th biggest plant among the existing plants and the 3rd biggest among the ongoing ones.  It is also the biggest dam of Europe and Turkey. It has the capacity of meeting the annual water […]


Ata Group is the owner or the majority shares holder of more than 30 companies operating in various sectors in 8 countries /4 continents. Our Group provides employment to more than 20,000 employees and has a business volume of around 2 billion dollars. Continue...

Human Resources

In order to ensure that the Holding and Group Companies have an efficient, competitive structure in harmony and continuous development, our primary approach for Human Resources is to create and implement the Human Resources Policies required to convey the experiences and power of the Holding to them. Continue...


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