Our Principles

Ata Invest’s expertise and quality services can only be achieved by ensuring that our customers, teams and partners align their interests so they are in parallel with each other. The interest relation between these three groups (customers, teams and partners) has also been reflected in our bonus system, where the company’s profits are shared between these three groups in a fair manner.

The alignment of interests is achieved in three fields:

Working in parallel with Personnel’s Interests

The present performance system allows our personnel to earn a share of the system pro rata with their performance in a given period. This share is calculated according to their level of success in achieving various targets set out for each process of the company. This sharing system protects the interests of all personnel and maximizes their motivation.

Working in parallel with Customers’ Interests

Personnel are not allowed to hold personal portfolios or carry out transactions for themselves. Ata Investment’s personnel are not allowed to trade stocks for personal purposes and must concentrate on maximizing earnings for our customers. As a rule, the company’s own portfolio contains no stocks. This prevents conflicts of interest from arising; in order to protect customers, transactions which may be in the interests of our personnel at the expense of customers are not permitted.

Working in parallel with our Partners’ Interests

Although our partners waive the right to receive a dividend, in order to assist the company’s growth, bonuses paid to personnel are calculated on the amount remaining after the capital cost has been extracted from the profit, in order to protect partners’ interests as much as possible. In other words, bonuses are not paid directly from the profit, but from the amount remaining after the capital cost is extracted from the profit (repeated above). Thus Ata Invest’s partners are protected against inflation in the same way that they would if they had invested in Treasury bonds.

In order to reflect the principle of “Total Quality” into our vision, which was unanimously developed by the company’s founding partners, the following values are supported as a management policy:

  • Success: Continuous success can only be achieved by ensuring additional value is created for our customers, teams and partners based on an optimal level of integration. Our notion of service and working methods are based on ensuring that the interests of these three groups are perfectly aligned. Anyone who places their own interests above the interests of our customers and teams will never be permitted to work in our company. Creativity and Team Work: We believe the results obtained by teams comprised of creative people who are full of initiative and who share roles in a balanced way, applying clear strategies and who have the ability to make their own decisions will always exceed the sum of the individual results.
  • Transparency: Our relations with customers are always based on a long-term view, with mutual trust, transparency and solidarity at their core. All business activities are carried out as transparently as possible, and any transaction deemed to compromise the interests of the three groups mentioned above is not permitted.
  • Promotions: In our view, promotion is an adage that equates to building our knowledge, skills and team work cooperation. The individual performances of each of our personnel are assessed by members of their team, in terms of knowledge, skills, motivation and team work cooperation.
  • Honesty: Honesty and high ethical standards are among our core values. All personnel are expected to abide by these principles in both their professional and personal lives.
  • Cooperation: The teams make up our service chain, so it is a basic aim to ensure that team members and the teams themselves cooperate and exchange information with each other, thus ensuring perfect knowledge.
  • Training: Training is the most important investment we undertake for our personnel.
  • Sharing: Success is a common property and we share it in a fair manner. Job Guarantee: We know we will always be able to work in a team, provided we do not breach the company’s principles and work in an honest and trustworthy manner.
  • Customer-Oriented Approach: The interests of our customers are always a top priority. Good service paves the way to success. We always behave openly, clearly and transparently towards our customers.
  • Confidentiality: Relations between the company and customers are kept strictly confidential.
  • Quality Service: We always aim to exceed our customers’ expectations when providing services. We cannot allow our intense working schedule to reduce our standard of service. Long-term relationships with customers are the most important factor in this. We also maintain that retaining existing customers is more important than finding new customers.
  • Competition:We aim to surpass our own standards. To achieve this, we need to carefully observe our competitors and find out how we compare with them and how we can improve.
  • Spreading: We believe that the growth and spread of the financial markets is more important than our own market share. As the financial markets grow, our market share expands. We are always ready to cooperate with financial companies who endorse these ideals. The expansion of the financial markets will accelerate further when financial companies become stronger.
  • Development of New Products: The growth of the Turkish financial markets is in parallel with the higher number of investment products. We are proud to supply products and services which will eventually set new standards for the markets