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Every year, Ata Invest organizes conferences in New York to bring the American investors together with the leading Turkish companies. Ata Invest’s conference organized for its 20th Anniversary brought together corporate exchange investors from Europe, Asia, North Africa and Gulf Region, as well as the “Private Equity” investors and Turkish executives.It was established in 1991 with the mission of contributing to the development of Turkish capital markets. In time, Ata Invest has become one of the leading intermediary institutions of the country, offering investment banking products at highest quality. Organizing all its activities within the framework of this mission, Ata Invest provides a wide range of capital markets intermediary services to international and Turkish investors. Some of the services of the company include purchase and sale of stocks and fixed-income securities, asset management, corporate finance and economic researches. Since its first day in finance sector, Ata Invest has developed many new and innovative financial products and services contributing to the development of capital markets in Turkey. It has also brought a new vision and management approach to the sector. We can list some of the achievement of Ata Invest that differentiate it from its rivals as follows; since 1993, it has taken the top two ranks in intermediary institutions ranking in the category of securities transaction volume, it has been among the top four intermediary institutions and banks with the active size of its funds since 1996, has a ISO 9000 Quality Assurance Certificate due to its strong organizational structure and is awarded with Tüsiad-Kalder National Quality Award in 2000. In addition, it has also been recognized due to its achievement in asset management, applied a different, but reliable attitude in investment decisions, developed custom solutions for its corporate clients, realized major projects especially in Investment Banking, been a model for other organizations in the sector and usually acted as a guide in these matters. The other assets of Ata Invest are its experienced and professional staff and the technological knowledge that they have. Various solutions are developed with these knowledge and become marketable products and marketed to other financial institutions.

Investment Banking Division of Ata Invest worked on more than 100 corporate financing and consultancy projects in the last 20 years (18 privatizations, 22 mergers); realized more than 300 visits to investors in and out of the country for promotion purposes, and took part in more than 85 IPOs. With these corporate financing and consultancy projects, it has contributed more than US$3 billion to Turkish Economy.Investment Banking Division of Ata Invest has provided consultancy services, especially in “Entry into Market” and “Buy Side Consultancy”, to major corporations such as Arcelor, News Corp, AIG, AIG Capital, JBIC, IFC, Dubai Holding, Emirates Bank. Ata Invest has also provided “Contemporary Private Equity consultancy Services” to many large investment funds operating in US and Europe, and to AIG Capital, Sparx (Nomura), Citibank, Merrill Lynch who seek to make investment in Turkey. In the second half of 2009, Ata Invest consulted Akfen Holding in acquisition of Akfen Holding’s shares in TÜVTURK Vehicle Examination Stations by Bridgepoint. This was the biggest Private Equity transaction made in 2009. In 2010, Ata Invest consulted Kurdoğlu and Üründül families in the sales of their minority shares in Tab Gıda, the Master Franchise of Burger King, Sbarro, Arby’s and Popeyes in Turkey. Ata Invest also provides service to Ata Group in in-house consultancy services. And in 2011, Ata Invest made a strategic collaboration with Wells Fargo, bank offering banking, insurance, investment, mortgage, corporate and private financing services in North America and all around the world. Thanks to this collaboration, Ata Invest both offers investment opportunities in Turkey to foreign investors and introduces investment opportunities abroad to Turkish investors. It aims to increase its effectiveness in international mergers and acquisitions.

In December 2016, Ata Invest went to globally competitive formation and decided to merge with Ata Online which is the pioneer of Turkey’s online capital market trading-brokerage operations with the superior infrastructure. With this new structure, both of these companies unified their result-oriented, high return aimed investment ideas and technologic superiority in one entity. Accordingly, Ata Online provides service as digital platform of Ata Invest.


Emirhan Caddesi No: 109 Atakule 34349 Balmumcu Beşiktaş / İstanbul

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