The foundation of Ata Group of Companies operating in various sectors goes back to Seri İnşaat (Construction) established in 1969. The business philosophies developed with the establishment of this company are actively being applied by the Group companies today as well. Seri İnşaat is one of the three shareholders of Ata İnşaat and assumed a very important role of constructing the Atatürk Dam and Hydroelectrical Plant, part of the Turkey’s biggest project GAP (Southeastern Anatolia Project), with a cost of US$2 billion. This big project was completed in a very short period of time (120 months), a world record, and drew the attention of the world’s construction sector. Atatürk Dam and Hydro-electrical Plant is one of the major references of the Group in construction sector. Today, Ata Group of Companies operate in diverse sectors including Finance, Technology, Food, Logistics, Real Estate Development, Building Materials Production, Fashion, Tourism and Foreign Trade. This diversity protects the Group against severe unexpected fluctuations that might occur in market conditions. Ata Group is the owner or the majority shares holder of more than 30 companies operating in various sectors in 8 countries /4 continents. Our Group provide employment to more then 20,000 employees and has a business volume of around 2 billion dollars. Website
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