Ata Asset Management

Ata Asset Management was established in November 2000 by Ata Invest Inc., its 99% shareholder. It is an affiliate of Ata Yatırım that received its ISO 9001 certificate in 1997 as a result of total quality efforts and was awarded with National Quality Reward by TÜSİAD-KalDer in 2000. Ata Asset Management has proved itself in providing the service in a quality desired by investors. As of today Ata Asset Management manages various funds in its portfolio and offer services with a team specialized in different fields, including asset management, cash management, individual stock management and pension funds. Unlike the other companies in the sector, it understands its customers’ needs, avoids unnecessary risks to protect its assets, instead of marketing its products insensibly. Investment Funds:In today’s financial markets, in order get the best value for our assets, they have to be monitored and managed by specialized and expert people. Company and market data that were difficult to access before are not easily accessible in today’s conjuncture. Moreover, this easy access also causes a great data pollution and negatively affects the strategies of investors.The biggest mistake of investors is to determine yield preferences by ignoring the individual risk profiles. And this causes panicking and making incorrect decisions in possible fluctuations. In summary, when we define our targets and expectations, we have to take into consideration the amount of our principal money we are willing to risk.When we define the investment process for our customers, we apply a transparent, reliable and result-oriented approach.

Our purpose in management of investment funds is to reach an optimum balance between maximum yield and minimum risk.

Asset Management:

Our purpose in asset management is to create a portfolio structure suitable to the financial structure of your company, to define a strategy specific to you and to implement it in a tactical way. After analyzing our customers’ risk approaches and tolerance levels on multiple levels, our experienced and specialized personnel updates the existing strategies to help them achieve their goals and needs, under the light of changing agenda of both the country and the world. The value we add is not selling a product, but supporting them with permanent and effective solutions.

Cash Management:

We aim to help companies have added value in maximum amount by investing their cash in short-term money and capital markets without any term restriction.

Individual Stock Management:

Its purpose is to take the stocks of public companies and the organizations with inactive stock position, and to give back by an increase on stock basis as a result of a proactive management.

Pension Funds:

Private pension system is based on the principle that people save some of the income they earned during their working life time in order to spend it during their retirement, and invest these savings in various investment instruments. Ata Portföy A.Ş. continues to take an active role in management of pension funds by experienced fund managers.


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