Ata Construction

Ata Construction was founded as a partnership of three experienced contracting companies in the construction sector. In this partnership, Seri Construction, Palet Construction ve Enerji-Su Construction have played important roles in construction of developing infrastructure of Turkey. The main reason of the foundation of this partnership was participating in the construction tender of Atatürk Dam and Hydro-electrical Power Plant) (HPP). As a result of this tender, the contract was awarded to the consortium of these three companies under the name “Ata Construction”. Atatürk Dam is one of the most important unit of Southaeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) and is recognized as the biggest construction site of the world in international construction publications. The construction of this big dam with a main body of 84 million cubic meters was completed in a very short period of time (50 months), breaking a record and taking its eminent place in the construction sector. Atatürk Dam and HPP, started electric power generation in 1992 and has a capacity of 8×300 mW. So far, it has generated 50 billion kWh. The project coasted approximately US$2 billion. Website 

Emirhan Caddesi No: 109 Atakule 34349 Balmumcu Beşiktaş / İstanbul

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